Caterpillar and horizon


requires to suppose that the visible part of the universe admits conclusion about the universe. That is, we have to suppose that the universe is homogeneous and isotropic in the large, we have to accept the cosmological principle.

This principle reduces the history of the universe to structurally simple thermodynamics in an expanding, adiabatically closed volume with mainly intricate condensation processes. The expansion is ruled by gravitation of the matter density in the universe. It happens that the expansion prevents the light to propagate to some far distant places in the universe just as - in the movie - it prevents the caterpillar to reach the flower.

The leading topics of discussion in the public are

the begin and end of time,
the center of the expansion,
the history of the expansion,
the observation of dark matter and dark energy,
the properties of the vacuum,
the relation between theory and observation,

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