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Why Ballroom?

Ballroom is the only kind of sports that doctors recommend without concern.
Ballroom is the only kind of sports where you need not loose your hold.



To be specific:

Ballroom is a kind of sports. It is a particular kind of sports, it is the premium sport.

Ballroom is part of general education. Nobody gets around without some ballroom. I do not need any high bar, any broken nasal bone, any spiral fracture, any gun education. I need ballroom when I do not want to stay aside. Ballroom is part of general education like walking, swimming, and pedalling. It needs time to learn, like it needs time to learn walking, swimming or pedalling, and by no means more time. Ballroom is unique in one respect: It is the only kind of team sports, where boys not only play with boys, and girls with girls. Is there another kind of team sports, that does not require time which a couple should pass together? Ballroom is the sport which teaches partnering. This is for everyday life, no other type of education yields this in such a straight and casual way.

Ballroom is cultural achievement. Nobody knows instinctively how a couple can move full speed in closed position? In addition, full speed not despite closed position, but feasible only in closed position? It must be learned just as any cultural achievement must be. As for any cultural achievement, without deliberate effort it gets lost. As for any cultural achievement, you should not leave it to the attitudes of a betrayed public.
Ballroom belongs to general schools.

Ballroom is a sport of peace, and this is another long story, pleas see the german version!

Ballroom is a light-hearted sport, the pressure to perform does never degenerate.

Ballroom is an integrating subject, which implements music and arts. It is the key to the understanding of music for the one who does not play an instrument and whose voice does not prompt breathless listening.

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